Keep to the Code.

About Code Rum

Treasure Coast Spirits was founded by Johnny Ringo and Don Ron Brown in the spring of 2013. Ringo, a bonafide treasure hunter, with his flamboyant personality and strong social media presence in the pirate and party community, wanted to breathe life into Don’s former rum company, Pirate’s Choice Rum. So Ringo approached Don about getting it going again. And ever since Pirate’s Choice was sold in 2009; Don had wanted to start another rum company and in the process, they both wanted to bring their pirate, Parrothead, biker and kiteboarding friends along with them for the ride. So they founded TREASURE COAST SPIRITS, INC. in 2013 with their first rum brand, CODE RUM!

“We readily admit that we’re a bunch of everyday, hard workin’ scallywags living the good life under tiki huts on sandy beaches drinkin’ lots o’ rum. In fact, we consider ourselves somewhat experts in not only the making of rum, but also in the drinking of rum! We have our own “code” we live by and rules…are kinda like guidelines in the Florida Keys that we call home. This love of life and free spirit is what made CODE RUM.

~ Ringo and Don