Keep to the Code.

About Code Rum

Treasure Coast Spirits was founded by Johnny Ringo and Don Ron Brown in the spring of 2013. Ringo, a bonafide treasure hunter, with a flamboyant personality and strong social media presence in the pirate and party community including producing and hosting numerous charity events, met Don Brown and soon learned that his daughter was a Marine stationed in a remote region of Afghanistan. Ringo who was doing monthly meetups with the social group Pirateheads which he founded in 2010 decided to make the next meetup a “Party with a Purpose”. And after his mates donated TONS of non perishables to be shipped to her platoon in Afghanistan their friendship was forged. Ringo, who had recently “retired” from the marble and granite biz and although he was making a FORTUNE treasure hunting ($300 a week) soon after approached Don asking “what would it take to get a rum company going again”, to which Don responded, “Time and money!” So with that the wheels were set in motion. Ringo wanted to create a rum that a woman could drink straight without making a face, and they both wanted to create a product that their friends could all enjoy! So they founded TREASURE COAST SPIRITS, INC. in 2013 with their first rum brand, CODE RUM! After two years of planning and hard work, they officially launched the brand July of 2015! Today they currently have distribution in all of Florida and parts of Georgia.

“We readily admit that we’re a bunch of everyday, hard workin’ scallywags living the good life under tiki huts on sandy beaches drinkin’ lots o’ rum. In fact, we consider ourselves somewhat experts in not only the making of rum, but also in the drinking of rum! We have our own “code” we live by and rules…are kinda like guidelines in the Florida Keys that we call home. This love of life and free spirit is what made CODE RUM.

~ Capt. Ringo